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Life has never been about longevity; it has always been about the quality of moments. As Rajesh Khanna said in Anand Movie, "Babu Mushaay, Zindagi Badi honi chahiye lambi nahi"At My Sambandh, we discuss thoughtfulness, approachability, and sharing mo...


You might have a group of friends or even close friends, but your spouse is your best friend, who has been with you through all the ups & downs. Although its easier said than done. But we've seen the couples at My Sambandh, who has a bond ju...


We thank you all for giving so much love, respect, and blessings to My Sambandh, which encourages us to keep taking some initiatives and give back to the society that needs it.My Sambandh is doing fabulous in Australia, Canada, USA, UK & India. I...


Sometimes, you might wonder whether My Sambandh makes a difference for its members or is one more matrimonial community. Well, We wanted to share with you the real story of Aditya & Mansi. We had an interview with them and shall share the video s...


Schools have begun, and vacations & travelling coming to an end. Once again, we shall be back on routine; sometimes, the routines may be scaringly boring. So many of us feel trapped about thinking it over, and oh those sweet vacay modes!This emai...

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