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From small talks to soulful connectionsCommunication lies at the heart of building meaningful connections in matrimonial relationships. At My Sambandh, we understand the importance of fostering genuine interactions that transcend mere surfa...


At My Sambandh, we delve into essential topics to help you build a strong foundation for your forever love story. We believe that open and honest communication is the key to a successful marriage. Before you say “I do” and start this beautiful journe...


Building a Strong Foundation for Marriage -Key Discussions Before Tying the Knot Before starting the beautiful journey of marriage, it is essential to lay a strong foundation built on open communication, mutual understanding, and shared val...


In a world where matrimonial services have traditionally catered to women, My Sambandh is breaking the mold and reshaping societal mindsets. It's time to shift gears and recognize that men too deserve to find their perfect match, a life par...


In married life, as years pass, it's common for couples to become caught up in the routine, leading to a lack of expression and excitement. Mundane responsibilities can overshadow the romance, causing relationships to become monotonous. However, it's...

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