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Someone's convenience is someone else's inconvenience. Hence, if you're paying hefty membership fees for online Self-Help matrimonial subscriptions, then this is for you. Yes, you might find it lesser initially for 3 months. However, you keep renewin...


Children make the world beautiful, and a child is what makes the family complete. On the occasion of Children's day, we'd make a small effort to make your world happier.Children don't do what you say but do what you do. You know well that they're a g...


If you say the opposite of Love is Hate, then let's disagree with it for a moment. Instead, let's say Selfishness is the opposite of Love.Majorly we've seen that Selfishness is what kills a good marriage. When you give Selfishness a seat on the dinin...


The mediums have changed drastically in the last few years. It travelled from Mausi, Chachi and Mama's Reference to marriage brokers to matrimonial sites and now its also parked to dating websites.Although nothing is obsolete or wrong, you can meet y...


Yes, Good News!! My Sambandh has launched a 6 monthly membership!Introducing a new plan for you - Bi-Annual Membership. Just pay Rs.11000 and get Elite service for 6 months. The Other Matrimonial Sites charge Rs.24000 for assisted service for half a...

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