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Once you’ve found the one of your dreams, then comes the most exciting and overwhelming bit.. planning the wedding! This might seem very scary, with so much to do, but once you lay out a plan, everything falls into place. At My Sambandh, we employ a...


Dear Bride to be,Your wedding day is the beginning of a new chapter to your life story. On this day, you are the main character, and you deserve to feel radiant and special. Your flawless, natural glow will be the star of the show! My Sambandh Matrim...


The Key to a Successful MarriageFor generations, Indian Marriages and Indian family structures have always come with predefined roles. Men are the breadwinners; they are in charge of earning to support the family while women manage the household duti...


Marriage is a beautiful union, not just of a couple, but of two families. Two families come together and embrace each other – differences, similarities, everything. In the vibrant landscape of new moments with a new family in a new home, it can seem...


First dates within the matrimonial setting can feel like a high-stakes interview. You want to gather information, assess compatibility, and gauge potential for a future together. But sometimes, the standard "tell me about yourself" or "what do you do...

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