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How do you feel if someone asks you to pay and then instructs you to do it yourself? You & I know that "Self Help" is the new thing. But just giving access to the next level isn't about the service. Even We have an introductory plan to...


He: Hi!She: Hi!He: How are you?She: What's your educational qualification?He: Excuse me?Oh Oh! It didn't end well, Or Maybe, it didn't start right. Didn't it? This often happens when you take the first step for such an essential and lifetime rel...


Yes, No one can decide on your behalf. We're blessed to be the Elite Matrimony in Ahmedabad since 1995, and we're growing further in different cities. We've always given personal attention to every member to their preferences, ambition...


Birth, Marriage, and Death are three important milestones of life. The first and third aren't in our control, but God allows us to choose for the 2nd one. The right life partner actually multiplies your happiness and eliminates your sadness. No one c...


The Women are already empowered. they have entered the workplace. They also earn for their family just like men. However, the percentage of women in the workplace is still less than that of men as women have to take the major household responsib...

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