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In a world where matrimonial services have traditionally catered to women, My Sambandh is breaking the mold and reshaping societal mindsets. It's time to shift gears and recognize that men too deserve to find their perfect match, a life par...


In married life, as years pass, it's common for couples to become caught up in the routine, leading to a lack of expression and excitement. Mundane responsibilities can overshadow the romance, causing relationships to become monotonous. However, it's...


Marriage has long been surrounded by myths and misconceptions that often lead people to fear the idea of commitment. However, in reality, many of these myths are simply not true. Let's debunk five common misconceptions about marriage.Myth 1: Loss of...


5 Reasons Why Matrimony Scores Higher Than Self-Arranged Marriages1. Structured Approach: Matrimonial services such as My Sambandh offer a systematic and structured approach to matchmaking, taking into account essential factors such as personali...


Traveling together after marriage or as a couple offers numerous benefits that can strengthen the relationship and create lasting memories. One of the most significant advantages is that it brings couples closer and strengthens their bonds. Shar...

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