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Majorly relationship should work for both of them, not you should be working for the relationship. Where couple taking care becomes a duty. But time toh dena padega, khayal toh rakhna padega, gift toh dena padega! So when the task falls into the cate...


Hey Fellas, My Sambandh is becoming the talk of the town, and you know why? The aspirants have been on other matrimonial platforms with several packages and fancy mobile apps. But one important thing here that is getting missed is personal attention....


Rahul, Naam toh Suna Hoga!How do you know a strange person on matrimony? Profile stats are just the parameters but what kind of person you're is what makes the connection. Isn't it? Well, exactly here comes your bio in the picture. Major of...


Hello Aspirants,Happiness is Togetherness! And we thought to come together at Instagram. We'd love to hear from you, your love stories, married life tips. At My Sambandh, We promote the happiness and marriages multiplies your happiness, a partner aro...


My Sambandh has been awarded as Gujarat's Best Matrimony!! Silicon India found our matchmaking process quite interesting, and they're going to publish an interesting article soon into their main edition. The marriages are around the city, and pe...

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