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The safety of profiles is paramount for any matrimonial platform. Data leakage and unauthorized approach may bring distaste to the matchmaking community. Moreover, multiple platforms have erased the line of sanctity for commercial expansion, leading...


If you think getting married and meeting prospects is too cliche, whereas living alone without sharing your space with anyone is cool, then Let's understand it better.A person can live without children, parents and even a spouse, but a person always...


If you think we wrote this to score your attention, it's not. We mean it. Yes, whatever we say to ourselves is a human arrangement.We don't mean to say it's a practical and social establishment. The purpose isn't to belittle its sanctity, but giving...


Someone's convenience is someone else's inconvenience. Hence, if you're paying hefty membership fees for online Self-Help matrimonial subscriptions, then this is for you. Yes, you might find it lesser initially for 3 months. However, you keep renewin...


Children make the world beautiful, and a child is what makes the family complete. On the occasion of Children's day, we'd make a small effort to make your world happier.Children don't do what you say but do what you do. You know well that they're a g...

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