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Hi! Navratri is just around us and it's time for fun, dance and celebration.    Be it your business, job, family issues or marriage, you need to set your limits and restrict access into your domains. Major of them share their internal...


The era is of Anxiety, Insecurity & Depression, especially amongst middle-aged adults. There are multiple factors and distractions which leads to this. The Good news is that the acceptance has come for the change, variation and anti-settled lives...


Hello Aspirants,  My Sambandh office is now open for meetings, and we're getting many registrations this season. Thank you for such an overwhelming response.  My Sambandh has always been a trustworthy search partner since 1995. Many of the...


It’s easy to take your partner for granted, especially when you’ve been together for a while. While the initial flames of young love may have cooled, keep the embers burning with lasting intensity. Strengthen your relationship with these 7 ways to ma...


Well, this is the talk you always prefer to discuss with your closest Friend or an expert. Surprisingly, we have that special Friend for you. That's My Sambandh.Often, our members talk about these topics with their relationship manager at My Sambandh...

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