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The Women are already empowered. they have entered the workplace. They also earn for their family just like men. However, the percentage of women in the workplace is still less than that of men as women have to take the major household responsib...


When you meet that person, you get to know It's a connection of minds, mutual respect, unconditional love, and a total understanding. It's about being yourself and knowing, not only that person is following and understanding your thoughts but is righ...


Pehli Mulaqat hai ji, Pehli Mulaqat hai!The first meetings are always bone tickling. A chill runs down your spine. We at My Sambandh have been arranging almost 500-600 meetings amongst the couples every month.Do You know what the objective of the fir...


Yes, you read it right. Nowadays, tons of questions turn up on your Mind, and you hesitate to move ahead for life-long Marriage. Would I be able to play/watch cricket after Marriage? Will I be able to perform or focus on my job? These all uncertainti...


This little line seems to be the tale of life. Isn't it? We're so much attached to the festival of Kites - i.e., Makarsankranti. Don't ask who is Patang and who is Dor in married life? It's not essential about the roles, but it's all about enjoying t...

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