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He was born in pre independence era to a humble family in a hamlet of Western Gujarat. He spent his younger years working at his father’s farm and by the time he spent 30 spring times, he knew there was more out there and thus he moved to Ahmedabad where he worked hard, took upon tough challenges and established himself.

He always had profound respect for the society and he served wholeheartedly by providing to diverse Humanitarian Trusts (NGO’s).


Mr.Joitarambhai Patel

He is the inspiration behind this project!

Inspired by her father in law – Mr. Joitaram Patel, in 1995, she started matchmaking with an intention to help people. She imbibes the rich legacy from her family and carries an inexplicable charisma which motivated people to trust her matchmaking skills. 

The society gave her immense love and motivated her to take aide of the technology, as people living in faraway places were finding matchmaking difficult. Thus, with the passage of time, she decided to take the aide of matchmaking algorithm and in 2013 mysambandh happened. 

Her Team’s flourishing experience is complemented by efficient human resources and a unique algorithm which delivers astounding results in real time thus saving client’s time and energy. Through this they aim for accurate matchmaking with a vision to deliver happy society. She believe in maintaining absolute confidentiality wherever required.


Mrs.Geetaben Patel


Your matchmaker algorithm had been developed with the following guidelines,

  • Developing features that are convenient to users
  • Ensuring authenticity of users by verifying their information 
  • Maintain the privacy of users and never share their personal details without their consent
  • Filter inappropriate contents and photographs
  • Develop a proactive user community through blogs
  • Posting only ‘Real’ success stories
  • Openly share both positive and negative feedback as received from our users

Who We Are?

We provide superior matchmaking experience by expanding the opportunities available to meet potential life partner so that they live in a fulfilled relationship for the rest of their lives. We strive and deliver this by implementing state of the art technology, in-depth research, reliable matrimonial content combined with tailored services by our team. 

We are proud of our dedicated team that shows its care for every customer through service delivery with a sense of warmth, understanding, respect and company spirit.

We hope and intend everyone finds the right soul-mate as its high time our society needs this. Problems and stress both – anticipated and unanticipated are draining the happiness out of our society systematically and slowly. Therefore, achievement of such noble intention will solve social problems of our society and thus help the family live ‘fulfilled life.’

Why Us?

Counting of Experience: We’ve been enriching lives for over a decade. We deeply care about all our members and work hard to assist you achieve your relationship goals. 

Reliable & Affordable: Carefully crafted membership plans give you variety of options at affordable pricing. You can choose between self serviced plans and assisted service plans are start meeting quality people. 

Our Success: Thousands of successful alliances teaches you a lot. Also, it brings the confidence that we have mastered the formula to relationship compatibility. However, more than Big Data (statistics and numbers), we measure success by the gratification of our clients.

We work for you: The unsurpassed experience in this business has taught us the art of relationship compatibility. Our team assisted by state of the art algorithm works for you in searching for that special one by finding common grounds like lifestyle, hobbies and who shares your interests among other things.

We provide valuable feedback: After introduction of matrimonial alliances, we listen to comments from both parties. This feedback enables us to effectively coach and advise our members for future meetings. Feedback has always helped greatly in decision making to select the right life partner.


To create a happier society by connecting ‘made for each-others’ and create fulfilling relationships.


To implement bundle of experience, logic, principles, research and algorithm to make the matchmaking relevant, timely and perfect.


  • Accountability
  • Altruism
  • Commitment
  • Empathy
  • Harmony
  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • Service