• Prexa & Harsh

    Thank you so much for all the support and finding the one for me. Great service and staff. They really made it happen! Thanks Janki and whole team for all your help and support.

  • Vishwa & Krutagn

    It was a pleasant experience with my sambandh. Luckily got hinged with very first girl I met. Our relationship manager, Gayatri is very co-operative and quick to respond.

  • Jaini & Ruchir

    Success from My Sambandh. I would strongly recommend for My Sambandh. thanks to team My Sambandh.

  • Harmya & Anshul

    Very well managed matrimony group with wide range of prospective matches for an arranged marriage.

  • Hima & Manthan

    They provide personal attention to the members. Very friendly and experienced staff. Many thanks to Mysambandh.

  • Anvi & Pujan

    We Thank "My Sambandh" and "Geeta Aunty" for all the efforts and support. You all were very helpful.

  • Reema & Harsh

    Heartiest Thanks to Geeta Aunty and the entire team, you all are doing amazing work, Thank you so much to "My Sambandh ".

  • Janki & Chaitanya

    Thank you Geeta Aunty for making this happen, you all have great choices of profiles with good family background. Thank you once again "My Sambandh".

  • Priyal & Dhruv

    Thank you "My Sambandh" and team for all the efforts, thank you for managing our meetings and thank you for such a perfect match.

  • Devanshi & Dhruvin

    Thank You so much for the best follow up service, you helped us in getting clicked and managed everything from both side. Thank You so much "My Sambandh."

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