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Hi Fellas, This scorching sun, burning skin and a merciless summer can still be memorable with a cold coffee in an air-conditioned cafe, where your dream soulmate is sitting in front of you. Yes.. We want you to continue feeling the same; it just 5 b...


It's the wedding season on fire. Yes. You can feel the heat, and nothing is there to beat. Yet, you don't want to miss out on the fun during the ceremony and where our beloved friends or cousins are getting married. We're so blessed to be a part of t...


Why is assisted-service so cool?Your time, efforts, and mental peace are more precious in this fast life than anything else. Utilizing your time in the best manner is what a progressive life is. You can do many things doesn't mean you should do it...


Disagreements aren't the devil of any relationship. But, it has to be there. Things can't move based on just your sole wish, and thank god it doesn't, you might be wrong sometime or you being so attached to some things or project or a dream in your l...


Majorly relationship should work for both of them, not you should be working for the relationship. Where couple taking care becomes a duty. But time toh dena padega, khayal toh rakhna padega, gift toh dena padega! So when the task falls into the cate...

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