Happy Maha Shivratri!

February 18, 2023


Who can be the best couple for us to be looked up on? Definitely, It's Shiv Parvathi,

People have broken up even before marriage or after marriage just on the base of that there were many mismatches between them, which is why our relationship couldn't work.

Just imagine the difference in thoughts between Shiv & Parvathi. Lord Shiva was more towards salvation and treated Dev and Daanavs equally. He believed himself as a custodian for balancing the universe, and Goddess Parvathi was inclined towards the wellbeing of humanity. Marriages are a bigger objective than mere lifestyle differences. Maha Shivratri is the festival to recall the bigger objective.

At my Sambandh, we work holistically on the prospects and consider their emotional, physical, financial, spiritual, and mental aspects. This helps you understand your partner better and has made us achieve a 56% of success ratio, which is far more than any matrimonial.

For the rest, The Mismatch and the imperfection are the beauty of any relationship. So don't resist it; allow it.

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