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The Ultimate Wedding Planning Checkli...

11th Jul.

Once you’ve found the one of your dreams, then comes the most exciting and overwhelming bit.. planning the wedding! This might seem very scary, with so much to do, but once you lay out a plan, everything falls into place. At My Sambandh, we employ...

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Bridal Skincare Tips for Radiant Wedd...

5th Jul.

Dear Bride to be,Your wedding day is the beginning of a new chapter to your life story. On this day, you are the main character, and you deserve to feel radiant and special. Your flawless, natural glow will be the star of the show! My Sambandh Mat...

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Our Magical Cupids..

Marriages don't happen without an external factor.  Be it your friend, or your aunt or a matrimony like us. These are cupids that bring soulmates together. My Sambandh loves to be cupid for all those couples we matched, and we believe very much in our team and process, making the real difference. My Sambandh is an expert in assisted personalized service for your accurate and focused match-making. Let our cupids find you, someone for whom you're special. :-)

team Nima
team Bhavna
team Janki
team Vaishakhi


Jigar Patel

My Sambandh gives a complimentary holistic grooming session from an expert, once you sign up. That helps a lot for the first meetings.

Prakruti Agarwal

They work on all the 7 aspects for matchmaking - physical, mental, spiritual, educational, social, emotional to financial. That's tremendous.

Ruchita Shah

I had been so nervous, but My Sambandh and Team made my matchmaking process so easy and memorable. Excellent Service!

Divya Gandhi

I have been assigned my relationship manager and she took enough care and empathy for my matchmaking till i got engaged. Best wishes to My Sambandh

Dr.Kevin Gajjar

My Sambandh also serves in USA and they got matched with good prospects from my community. The staff is quite helpful and friendly.


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