Marriages are NOT made in heaven!

December 08, 2022


If you think we wrote this to score your attention, it's not. We mean it. Yes, whatever we say to ourselves is a human arrangement.

We don't mean to say it's a practical and social establishment. The purpose isn't to belittle its sanctity, but giving it too much of a romantic delusion might crash someday. Instead, if you wish to live sensibly and joyfully, accept it as it was formed. It's not the ultimate thing.

Love is all about giving, and we're allowed to choose our life partners, and that's the relationship we welcome in our lives and not gifted by God. We take ownership of it and invite a partner or companion to share our lives. There isn't any possession or celestial about it. My Sambandh believes in multiplying happiness by bringing the right match for each other. It's not even about the match, it's about a connection, and nobody is right or wrong. The one has x non-sense thing; the other has y non-sense thing. Ultimately, humans are humans, and we experience the present and predict the future based on our past and nature.

We always advise our members to introspect themselves first. You will always be the mirror of the person you meet. Hence, accepting ourselves and making ourselves acceptable activates the peace and joy in our life. And once you're wonderful, then everyone will want to be with you.

My Sambandh is blessed to have matched more than 1500 beautiful couples since 1995, and we're flourishing more than ever across India, UK, Australia and Canada.

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