No More ‘Tell Me About Yourself’

June 13, 2024


First dates within the matrimonial setting can feel like a high-stakes interview. You want to gather information, assess compatibility, and gauge potential for a future together. But sometimes, the standard "tell me about yourself" or "what do you do for a living?" can lead to predictable, surface-level conversations with very basic, robotic answers.

So, how do you delve deeper and spark meaningful connections on your matrimonial date? The key lies in asking insightful questions that go beyond the basics. Try to ask questions that are deeper than just skimming the surface. Here are some categories and questions relating to them so you can understand the kind of questions to ask.

My Sambandh Matrimony prepares you to approach your matrimony dates with behavior and interaction consultation to ensure you are the best version of yourself on your matrimonial dates.

Current Life

-        What is your general idea of a fun day out?

-        What would you describe as a perfect weekend plan?

-        Tell me something about your friends?

-        What do you generally do in a day after work hours?


Family Life

-        Whom do you bond the most within your family?

-        What is your view on pets?

-        What do you and your family generally do for fun?


More About them

-        What is your favorite festival?

-        What kind of music are you into?

-        What’s your favorite cuisine?

-        What are some cafes or restaurants that you frequent?

-        What is one country that you really want to travel to?

-        Are you more of an outdoors or indoors person?

Remember to keep the conversations light and casual, the flow of the conversation will tell you more about compatibility than the questions you are asking! After asking questions, Listen Actively! Make them feel heard and foster an open communication channel. To understand more etiquettes when it comes to matrimonial dates, check out our other blog here.

By going beyond regular routine questions, you can find out many interesting things that you wouldn’t have otherwise, and you can create a more engaging and informative conversation channel that does not easily go dry. Remember not to keep asking questions, but listening to them as well. This is a date, not an interview!

My Sambandh Matrimony guides you from start to end on your matrimony journey. With expertly vetted choices, we ensure that you find your perfect match in no time! Contact us now to begin the beautiful search for your life partner.

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