Impact of Social Media on Matrimony

May 23, 2024


Forget the days of waiting for the mailman to arrive with a letter from your match! Ab toh likes, shares and comments se hi, Rishta Manzoor hai!

The world of matchmaking has undergone a revolution. The days of solely relying on family introductions and one or two meetings are gone, replaced by the multifaced world of technology, bringing young hearts and families together. When used right, social media becomes a very powerful tool in creating connections that last a lifetime. Matrimonial Sites like My Sambandh help connect individuals that are potential matches, and then the magic begins! Conversations, pictures, calls and FaceTime can help two young souls form a deeper connection.

Social media allows you to showcase your identity beyond just a profile picture and a bio. Your interests, hobbies and values come alive through your posts and interactions. This connection that you can feel with a person via their profile transcends physical distance that is often present in the early stages of matrimony, if you are from different cities. Finding out shared passions via their profiles can also spark engaging conversations and create a relationship based on common ground.

Technology bridges geographical gaps. Social media allows “couples to be” to stay connected in real time despite true distance. Sharing memes, heartfelt messages or having virtual meet ups can keep the spark alive. Social media brings informality to conversation, due to which people are more transparent and open, creating a bond filled with honesty.

It is easier to approach someone on social media as compared to in person, and this can help people who face the initial anxiety of starting a conversation. The convenience that social media provides is unmatched when it comes to any time any where conversation. You can get to know someone faster even over a shorter span of time as compared to only in person interactions, and this makes it easier to ascertain whether they are right for you.

Looking at other happy couples online can also spark positivity and hope, and motivate you to find the right person for you.

My Sambandh helps you on this journey. Find your lifetime partner with the help of our seasoned experts. Contact us today to begin this beautiful journey, Destination – Lifetime!

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