Guidelines for interacting with potential matches - Do’s and Don’ts

May 15, 2024


The world of matchmaking is exciting – you’ rebeginning a journey to find your forever partner, but also scary, because the first impression is very crucial. My Sambandh is here to guide you on this journey, and help you find the right match for you!

Here is a guide for Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to interacting with potential matches, so you can navigate interactions with confidence and grace!


1.   The first important thing to do is always be yourself. You don’t need to hide your true self out of fear, instead confidence can only come from within if you embrace your most natural personality. Let your true interests and emotions shine, making your connection with a match more genuine.


2.   Dress to Impress! Be it a casual meet up or a more formal arrangement, it is important to be dressed for the occasion in an outfit that reflects your personal style and makes you feel more confident. A well-groomed, well-dressed person always makes a more positive impression.


3.   Always be a good listener. Active listening is always key. Pay attention to what your potential match is saying, ask follow up questions, and avoid interrupting. This shows a genuine interest in getting to know the person on a deeper level.


4.   Maintain a positive body language. Make eye contact, smile, and avoid fidgeting. Confident body language projects positivity and openness to having a good conversation. Talk about yourself positively, highlighting your hobbies, interests and passions. Let them understand you at a deeper level as well.


5.   Be mindful of time. For a first impression, always be on time, and communicate delays properly if they are unavoidable. During a conversation, keep it flowing but be mindful if it is dragging on, they seem disinterested, or there is no more that comes to mind when discussing a certain topic.



1.   Don’t bring up finances. Our services ensure detailed background checks on every potential match, which means that we have already looked into finances for you. By bringing up such questions, it hampers genuine connection and can leave a negative impression on your potential match, making the conversation awkward. Focus on getting to know them at a personal level instead.


2.   Avoid oversharing personal information. Keeping the conversation light and positive is most important in the first meeting. Avoid complaining about work, life or in general. By delving into past relationships or personal struggles, you project a negative light in the very first meeting, that can often hamper the growing connection. Keep more personal details for when more time has passed, more conversations have taken place and more meetings have been set.


3.   Don’t dominate the conversation. A conversation needs to be a two-way street to form genuine connection. Let them share their thoughts and experiences as much as you do. By focusing solely on yourself, you create an environment where your potential match does not get an opportunity to share what they are feeling.


4.   Don’t be rude to staff or waiters. A potential match not only observes your behaviour with them, but also your behaviour with others. Treat everyone with respect, as it can reveal a lot about your character and make an impression.


5.   Avoid checking your phone. Constantly checking your phone during a conversation can lead to a person feeling disrespected and ignored. Be fully present in the moment to hear what they say, and put your phone away unless there is an emergency.

With these very basic points in mind, your impression can be very positive, and a space to form genuine connection can be created. Be patient, be yourself and be positive, and your matchmaking process will flow smoothly.

Founded in 1995, My Sambandh Matrimony has helped create thousands of success stories, so far. With our expert advisors and rigorous background checks, we provide you with the best selection of potential matches. Contact us today to start your journey.

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