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May 18, 2023


Dating has evolved in beautiful and modern ways over the years, and modern Indian singles often face unique challenges while searching for the right partner for marriage. We, at My Sambandh wish to share with you some excellent tips to find yourself the right partner which will eventually end up in matrimony. With our decades of experience in bringing amazing people together, we can help you level up your dating game by sharing interesting 10 tips on dating etiquettes.

  • Be Clear about your Relationship Goals
    Before launching on the dating journey, take time to introspect and define your relationship goals with patience and complete honesty. Find out what you are seeking in a life partner, including values, compatibility, and long-term aspirations. This clarity of thought and goals will help you find a partner who is aligned with the same future goals. At My Sambandh, we take a lot of time in understanding the personality and goals of every individual, so as to clear the perfect database for everyone.

  • Choose the Right People
    Explore the world of socialising and networking but be very careful. The right people will be proactive and pay attention to your needs at a very personal level. The best example of one such group of people or platform is My Sambandh. With our incredible team, we focus on every aspect of your personality and accordingly find the right match. Just remember to be honest and authentic while creating your profile and signing up with My Sambandh.

    • Be Open to New Experiences & Advice
      You need to step out of your comfort zone and engage in activities that align with your interests. My Sambandh with its decades of experience and success has the right perspective which will change your life.

    • Communicate Better
      Effective communication plays a key role in any relationship. Be clear and honest in expressing how you feel with your partner or someone you are dating. Listen actively and understand your partner's point of view because it is just as important as expressing yours.

    • Try to Balance Tradition and Modern Culture
      The dating process of Indians involve creating a balance between restoring the goodness of traditions and accepting the new changes that modern dating brings. We, at My Sambandh understand the essence of this beautiful and balanced journey. So, we encourage the people who sign up with us to keep their search very balanced and honest. Our approach will help you in meeting different people who share the same values you cherish.

    • Take your Time
      Never rush when you are making the decision of letting someone into your life and planning a future of matrimony with them. Always invest time into the right conversation and lots of meetings before committing to someone for life. We, at My Sambandh always help people in navigating this process by helping them meet the right people and engage in as many conversations as they need to understand each other better.

    • Have the ‘Marriage Talk’ Early On
      Make sure that you initiate the conversation about marriage at an early stage, so both you and your partner can have a more productive relationship without wasting any time and energy.

    • Talk to your Family and Friends
      For Indians, the approval of their family and friends is very important. So, it is advised to engage in a more open discussion with your family and involve them in the process of finding a partner.
      Keeping in mind the culture of Indian families, we at My Sambandh take time to completely understand the family and cultural setup the individual grew up in before making suggestions and giving them advice.

    • Be More Patient
      Finding the right partner always takes time and effort. Be patient on this journey and don’t just give up because things take a different route from what you expected. Always trust the process. We, at My Sambandh encourage the individuals to stay positive and persistent in your search.

    • Always Listen to Your Gut
      The best decisions often come from our instincts. My Sambandh, always encourages individuals to listen to their instincts and understand how they feel deep down about the prospective partner.

    So, don’t stress and fear this journey of finding your special someone. Just choose the right friend for this journey and make it easy and more fruitful.

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