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May 04, 2023


Is swiping left and right unproductive for you?

Are you tired of getting disappointed by the difference in meeting the person who you spoke to online?
Do you wish for a more personalised and humane touch to your journey of matrimony?

If yes, then look no further. My Sambandh is your true cupid.

My Sambandh entered the world of matchmaking in 1995. Since then we have matched lots of happy couples across the globe. Today, we have 5000 clients registered with us from countries like India, Canada, the UK, the USA etc.

We at My Sambandh, believe that finding a spouse is a spiritual journey that requires a thoughtful, customized, and multi-dimensional approach. That's why we offer a unique matchmaking service that blends traditional values with the modern lifestyle and demands of the new generation.

Our experienced matchmakers take a personalized approach to help you meet your dream partner. We put in a lot of effort and time to get to know you, your values, your preferences, and your lifestyle to find your spouse.

We know that just paying a hefty fee, then filing out a form and chatting online does not qualify you to meet the person you should marry. To find the right person, you need to go beyond online chatting.

Our approach at My Sambandh starts very smoothly with the individual subscribing to the best-suited plan which is priced at very reasonable fees beginning from Rs. 7900 per annum. The moment you sign up with us, we won’t bore you with a useless array of online questions and chat. We assign you a relationship manager and connect you with senior management who invests their time and emotional quotient to match you with a person who they believe suits your temperament and needs the best. Our approach is multi-dimensional and holistic. We focus on getting your profile to match with the prospective matches at different levels like emotional, financial, physical etc. For us, matchmaking is not just a task or work, for us it is a spiritual journey that you take with us.

Our extraordinary approach has taken us to an exceptional success ratio of 65% whereas other formula-based online matrimonial websites have a success ratio of only 25%.

We, at My Sambandh, believe in creating happy stories of matrimony and not just the business aspect of this. Hence, we have arranged marriages for a wide spectrum of clients who were charged only Rs. 2500. Our unique approach to matchmaking has led us to win the ‘Best Matrimonial Partner’ award. We handhold our clients on this incredible journey and make sure that they come out happy and satisfied at the end of the journey. We have adapted to the modern world of technology as well. Our matchmaking process is tailor-made and available on the latest software and mobile applications.

My Sambandh will take you on this beautiful voyage of matrimonial bliss and soul-searching with lots of ease, comfort and a gentle yet customized and holistic approach.

Join us and make your future more beautiful.

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