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January 13, 2023


The safety of profiles is paramount for any matrimonial platform. Data leakage and unauthorized approach may bring distaste to the matchmaking community. Moreover, multiple platforms have erased the line of sanctity for commercial expansion, leading to the approach of prospects who aren't intended for long-term commitments.

This is an excellent aspect shared by our privileged Member, Ms.Jainam, a dentist who was recently matched at My Sambandh with Mr.Ruchir, a civil engineer. Let's hear further from Jainam as how she was so sure about My Sambandh.

Hi! Thank you for the approach, and I was very clear about becoming a member with My Sambandh as it's our heirloom matrimonial partner by now. However, my Elder sister got matched here in 2015, and even my school friend too last year. So what else can I ask for? I don't know how another matrimony operates, but this is something I can blindly rely on.

I have heard from my friends and colleagues about the fake profiles and the exposure of our critical details to anonymous prospects. My Sambandh has no chance of a casual approach. The relationship managers would screen the prospect properly, and they'd shortlist based on their seriousness and commitment.

My Sambandh's android app and the website has the chat option without sharing your mobile number, and the details are only visible after the request is accepted.

I would strongly vouch for My Sambandh.

Thank you, Jainam. My Sambandh wishes you and Ruchir good luck in your long-term relationship and all the happiness under the sky. And as said, the Opposite attracts, You're talkative, and Ruchir is a good listener. We're sure you'd have a lot of interesting conversations for the rest of your life. :-D

Guys, Our satisfied members, and their real stories speak for us. So you can join us now with an assisted relationship manager for as low as Rs.11000/6 months. Learn more about our membership plans.

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