RRR - Requirement of Review of Relationship!

August 20, 2022


Life has never been about longevity; it has always been about the quality of moments. As Rajesh Khanna said in Anand Movie, "Babu Mushaay, Zindagi Badi honi chahiye lambi nahi"

At My Sambandh, we discuss thoughtfulness, approachability, and sharing moments amongst couples. Marriages aren't about just matchmaking but about living life for a greater purpose.

We'd share a few important highlights that couples practice nowadays worldwide. That's RR - Review of Relationships. Often we take our beloveds for granted, and gradually, we feel that our spouse isn't contributing enough. Later it becomes a loop of complaints and leads to a vicious circle of arguments. Instead, it's better to have some preventive, productive and positive discussions.

For instance.

Every Saturday or Friday evening, Grab a cup of coffee/tea with snacks, discuss your ambitions, vacations and wishes, and review the status of the previous week's goals and wishes.

Ask yourself, What would it take to make the experience of life up to 10?

Rationalize your media diet across the week, often exposing yourselves to too much irrelevant media also distracts you from quality time; Moreover, keep off your gadgets away during the RR.

Life is all about the collection of unique and memorable experiences. Who'd be better to live with than your spouse? My Sambandh - Elite Matrimony since 1995 wishes you a happy married life, and if you're single, you know where to click. :-)

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