Relationship - Soda vs. Wine.

October 31, 2020


Hey Guys & Girls,

Seeking an ideal relationship isn't wrong, but there isn't anything like such a standard one. We aren't going to talk about relationships today, but we need to understand the essential ingredients of relationships. And a critical component is trust and going deep into the core of each one. The universal relationship in the world is friendship, and friendship can be in any relationship. (Be it Husband/Wife, Brother/Sister, Father/Daughter), between 2 countries or even with pets.

The Ideal relationship must grow gradually like a wine. It can't be like a soda bottle giving you the thrust of fizz once you open up the cap. When someone says that a relationship needs time, it doesn't mean to invest time; it means that you can't be quick to judge and not hurry up with your life goals—having Patience in your prospect or partner. It's not about perfection; it's about finding the eternal surprise. You can't even enjoy the best beach in the world if you fought with your spouse just a few minutes ago. Can you? Hence a right partner is important to enjoy your life and surroundings.

Please don't go on a wild goose chase; let us handle your search to set the stage for you. My Sambandh is the new age match-making since 1995, where our relationship managers not only do match-making, but our "Pehli Mulaqat" expert helps you for the smooth transitions of meetings between prospects. 

You don't need to find someone special, find one, for whom you're special. And definitely, you're special to us. 1000's of profiles are landing up for sign-up at My Sambandh from various India cities, including USA. Where are you?

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