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June 06, 2023


Finding your perfect life partner can be a very stressful situation. Don’t approach him directly, trust us. That is why My Sambandh exists. Our expert services ease this process and help you find the one of your dreams! Our decades of experience helps bring amazing people together and create beautiful new stories of a lifetime!

Love and Marriage are very sacred in our Indian traditions and changing times have made these processes more difficult. Our matrimonial services bring back this traditional touch. Our expert matchmakers spend time with you creating your profile, understanding you and the kind of partner you want. With expert algorithms that are very particularly created for most accuracy, My Sambandh is keeping up with the future, while keeping our history and culture in mind.

Finding the right person can be time-consuming if there are many candidates to choose from. Hiring our service saves this time because we already do the preliminary screening of candidates for you based on what you want in your partner, and your compatibility, which eliminates all unnecessary candidates. Save more time with My Sambandh.

There is always a risk of misrepresentation on dating apps, people may refrain some facts about themselves to seem better, or more compatible, and end up taking advantage of you. My Sambandh eliminates, or at least reduce this threat by performing background checks on potential candidates and by personally meeting these candidates to assess whether they are a right fit for you. Don’t take such a risk when it’s the most important decision of your life, i.e. marriage.

By trying to find a person on your own, it is not always true that they are ready for the same level of commitment as you are. On the other hand, on our database, everyone is ready for a lifetime commitment, which makes it more likely that your suitable matches will want to spend the rest of their lives with you. My Sambandh reduces the disparity of commitment between you and your potential partner. Choose the right matchmaker, find the right partner.

Even after finding the right match, the duties of our matrimonial assistance don’t end. We provide additional grooming and etiquette coaching so you make an excellent impression on your potential life partner, ensuring a good start to a lifetime journey.

Don’t make mistakes on the journey of trying to find the right match by trying to look for him yourself. Choose the right supporter on this journey – My Sambandh, the right cupid!

Speak to us today and avail our services. With a database of over 5000 clients and a whopping 65% success rate, we are ready to help you!

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