Let's do it together - Plantation.

June 26, 2023


As the World is changing, so are values, traditions, and culture. The family structure from the Early Vedic period – of joint families living under the same roof is now becoming quite obsolete. People now feel the need to have their own personal space and personal homes, because everyone leads a different lifestyle.

This changing lifestyle, the nuclear family structure, although better in terms of privacy, space, and growth, comes with its own drawbacks that have an environmental impact. More homes, more cars, more pollution, more noise, and much more chaos. The amount of carbon footprint for the same number of people in a nuclear as compared to a joint family also increases tremendously.

In such a scenario, instead of regressing back to older traditions, we can take steps forward in the right direction – The green direction. All of our problems today can be alleviated with a simple solution – Plantation.

Planting trees helps reduce pollution exponentially. They absorb noise, filter the air, and also prevent soil from being eroded. They are a great support in restoring the balance of nature, which we have sadly disrupted heavily with our actions.

You can be the change you wish to see. You can also bring your significant other on board, to bring change together. The union of marriage is all about togetherness, and bringing change together is a very honorable and noble act you can perform.

The government offers free saplings to anyone who wishes to plant them. Plant saplings in your area and spread awareness about the same. When people see you make this change, they will be inspired to follow in your footsteps. Together you can create a wave of movement, that will not stop until we have achieved all we want to!

Be the change you wish to see.

Light the first spark, because the revolution begins with you!

Find the right partner for you, aligned in thoughts and aligned in actions, with the right choice. My Sambandh is the right choice, bringing the right people together, forever.

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