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October 07, 2021


Hi! Navratri is just around us and it's time for fun, dance and celebration.   

Be it your business, job, family issues or marriage, you need to set your limits and restrict access into your domains. Major of them share their internal issues outside, and that magnifies the situation than its actual.   

In our 25 years of matchmaking experience, My Sambandh has seen that most couples make the same mistake. They share it outside instead of sharing it inside.    

You must have heard an instance :    

Once a company was hiring employees, four candidates for interviews were waiting in one room. The employer switched on the fan from outside of the room, and hundreds of paper sheets on the table started flying out. Those candidates stood up and started chasing those sheets across the room; they were hustling and trying their best to gather them back and stack them up. However, instead of gathering the sheets, However, one of those candidate stopped gathering the sheets & calmly searched for the switchboard and switched off the fan. This instance is very simple and not that enlightening.    

But this is what happens in reality too. We react, we assume, and we make efforts in the wrong directions. We gain sympathy, we get angry, and we get frustrated, and we justify those efforts. But we just need 10% of effort and faith to resolve the issue from the root cause. As said, we're majorly worried but not concerned. The mantra of happy married life is all about going deep than going far. Happiness and solutions are always around us; we need to look at each other and talk our hearts out. Let it be between you & your spouse.

Happy Marriages = Happy Family = Happy Life   

Now Signup with My Sambandh - The Matchmaking expert at as low as Rs.5900/Annum or call now on 94277 90877.   

My Sambandh wishes you a Happy Navratri ahead and May Goddess Amba bless us all with love & wisdom around us.

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