Happy Couple = Happy Kids

November 12, 2022


Children make the world beautiful, and a child is what makes the family complete. On the occasion of Children's day, we'd make a small effort to make your world happier.

Children don't do what you say but do what you do. You know well that they're a great observer and an unconscious listener. If you want them to be away from gadgets, you've to be away too. You can be actively involved in multiple activities like playing indoor and outdoor games, cooking, swimming, walk-out, go out for an ice-cream after dinner and that's how you open up and talk and make memories with each other.

A too comfortable childhood can pave the way to unhappiness later. Love less to your children. Buying anything to your child's demand is raising your child for more disappointment. They will avoid anything unpleasant in life and end up weak and defeated in life. Keep introducing them into the real world frequently.

Every child has a unique mission. Always give your child an environment of exploration. The greatest nourishment for them is our trust. A child can learn everything through one thing done dedicatedly.

Hence, the journey starts from being a happy couple which leads to a happy child and that's how we make a better world.

Daisaku Ikeda, a peace activist and Buddhist leader who has spent his lifetime promoting peace, culture and education, believes that creating harmonious families is vital in creating a more peaceful and harmonious world.

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