Depression vs Expression.

December 22, 2022


If you think getting married and meeting prospects is too cliche, whereas living alone without sharing your space with anyone is cool, then Let's understand it better.

A person can live without children, parents and even a spouse, but a person always needs a companion. And a companion can come in any form to you. Not a permanent one, like friends, or office colleagues, they come and go in your life, and no one guarantees you for the rest of your life.

In research, it was established that after covid, people preferred to get married and stay together. Their mindset changed from anti-settled to something permanent and substantial. When you've enough time, you need a companion and become clueless about what to do alone. Not everyone is at the door of salvation to stay alone for the rest of their lives.

Marriages are the universal establishment. It has nothing to do with rituals or bonds. It's the Synergy - Synchronized Energy. You contribute to each other, help each other, find ways for each other, enjoy dinners, enjoy outings, explore the world better, and get motivated to go out and experience life. Sometimes things go south, and you may fight or have disagreements. But we've disagreements with our children, parents and even siblings, we don't leave them, neither we stop believing in that bond.

Whereas if you feel that your professional progress gets challenged in marriage, we've more cases of happily married couples progressing better. Money follows Happiness. At My Sambandh, we believe and see that Happiness is in togetherness. Being alone and getting into depression isn't the deal you'd go for; instead, get married and enjoy the expression.

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