Debunking 5 Myths About Marriage

January 20, 2024


Marriage has long been surrounded by myths and misconceptions that often lead people to fear the idea of commitment. However, in reality, many of these myths are simply not true. Let's debunk five common misconceptions about marriage.

Myth 1: Loss of freedom
Reality: In a healthy marriage, both partners support each other's individual growth and personal freedom. Marriage can provide a secure foundation from which both partners can pursue their dreams and aspirations.

Myth 2: Burdened with rituals and protocols
Reality: While cultural traditions and family expectations can play a role in some marriages, modern couples are increasingly finding ways to create their own unique rituals and prioritize their own values.

Myth 3: No time for friends
Reality: Successful marriages often involve a healthy balance between time spent with a spouse and time spent with friends and family. It's all about finding the right equilibrium.

Myth 4: Sacrifice of personal goals
Reality: When couples' goals are aligned, they can support each other in achieving their individual aspirations while also working towards shared dreams.

Myth 5: Right time to start a family
Reality: The "right" time to start a family varies for each couple. With changing societal norms, couples now have the freedom to decide when they are ready to welcome children into their lives.

At My Sambandh, our team of modern matrimony experts understands the evolving dynamics of relationships and can help you find your soulmate. With our wealth of experience, we aim to debunk these myths and support individuals in building fulfilling, successful marriages.

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