Aap mujhe acche lagne lage!

January 13, 2022


The Matrimonial process may be orthodoxy or full of anxiety for some of you. However, the era has changed, and the matrimonial process has evolved too. The process can't be old, like, people use to drive cars on the road even before 50 years and even now, It's just the roads have elevated.

So is with My Sambandh; we try to make every tiny process the most relaxing and approachable. One of the initiatives is our "Pehli Mulaqat" sessions given complimentary to our members.

As per our experience, words matter a lot in perfect matchmaking. Some magical words, some compliments you can extend to make the other person open up to you.

Like a simple :

"glad to meet you in person."

"thank you for taking out the time to meet."

Some more compliments like :

"Ideally, I am not much of a talker, but it was a pleasure talking to you."

Oh, 2 hours with you just flew by.

Such compliments, which are relevant to their company apart from their appearance. For you, it might not be a great or innovative thing but a listener always stores you in their good books and you carry a good impression in their minds. And you never know that the person whom you love one day would say, "Aap Mujhe Acche Lagne lage!"

Know such interesting tips with MySambandh.

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