Your Santa is sitting just beside you!

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December 25, 2021

Hello Aspirants,

Merry Christmas to all of you from My Sambandh Team. We're proud to announce that we're getting registrations from Australia, Canada, the USA and, of course, My Sambandh has been a favorite within Gujarat. 

My Sambandh always focuses on assisted service, where our relationship executives know the right way to present your profile and find the right soul mate for you. We believe when the right people meet, the happiness multiplies, and you live each and every moment together. As Happiness is togetherness!

This Christmas, Don't wait for Santa, Your life partner is your Santa and She/he is always beside you. Be Santa to each other. Happiness is always within us, and instead of exploring it outside.

If you're looking for such a life partner, do click below and married people; pls forward this email to your unmarried friends, relatives and colleagues. ? Once Again! Merry Christmas to you All

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