Still, Comparing Apples to Oranges?

December 24, 2020


Hello Girls & Guys,

Have you ever gone through the experience of buying the fabric for your attire? You might have experienced it that while you buy it, maybe your friend or parent or siblings or you yourself might be under confident whether it will look good or not after you wear it? But once you finalize the fabric, the pattern and get it tailored, it looks fabulous on you. Isn't it? 

Well, that's the most prominent example, when you choose a prospect for your Life. You need to sit across and visualize your Life with that partner. She/he might not be that mesmerizing in the first meeting or at the first glance. As there are cases that the first meeting went right, but later, everything goes haywire. That's why we say you can't compare Apples to Oranges. You're unique, and you need to explore that special one; he/She can't be as per the universal parameters. The Couple need not be like Ranveer & Deepika; The more important is that they aim to be Madhuri Dixit & Dr.Nene.

That's what My Sambandh expertise on to make your Journey beautiful. The Journey, which is called Life. :-)

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