My Sambandh is My Sambandh, None of your Sambandh. :-)

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April 10, 2021

Yes, No one can decide on your behalf. We're blessed to be the Elite Matrimony in Ahmedabad since 1995, and we're growing further in different cities. We've always given personal attention to every member to their preferences, ambitions, vision and approach for life, before we search the partner for them. Yes, we're talking about relationships, and no automation can replace this personal service. It's a human thing. 

We've n number of activities lined up in the right sequence since you register with us to make your search flawless and productive. We make your meetings productive, and we go with the structured agenda. We have a team of experts, counselors, relationship managers who work together. It's just not a human catalogue and self-browsing through the profiles. Trust us, it doesn't work the way it should. Many prospects have ended up in between being a good couple due to their initial unwanted approach. That's why you need a relationship manager who understands and exchange proposals with your prospects. 

My Sambandh has been working on Gujarati Matrimony, Agarwal Matrimony, Shah Matrimony, and many other communities.

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