Chapter 3 – Fostering Deep Connections

August 04, 2023


Now that you have already had the first meeting, and conversations have begin, there are some things you need to keep in mind.

Exchanging pleasantries

Always remember to extend a warm gesture saying, “It was a pleasure meeting you,” after that first meeting! It instills a positive vibe which is a feel-good factor, moreover.

Keep away from heavy-duty conversations all the time! It’s cool to share some light-hearted humor and a few anecdotes about each other. It helps set a comfort zone and smiles never hurt! Laughter, in fact, is the precursor to love! As they say, Hassi toh Fassi!

Give Each Other Time

Immediately beginning a text chain after the first meeting can seem too forward. Take some time and give them some time before you begin a conversation. Deep connections are fostered over time. If things are rushed, there are chances that mistakes can happen, and the connection will be lost.

Have Deep, meaningful conversations

Keep in mind that you are communicating with a person who could potentially be your life partner. What is the kind of bond you want? If you share basic daily happenings and meaningless discussions, the connection formed will only be superficial. Instead talk about your feelings, your hobbies, your passions, and your dreams, to form a deeper connection of two souls.

Don’t hesitate to open up

If you share your true self with your potential partner, you are giving them the opportunity to see you for who you are and appreciate you for the same. If you put up a show of perfection, the connection will not be true, it will be based on a mask that you have shown them, instead of who you really are.

Let the conversation flow free

You do not need to stick to a script when it comes to conversations with your potential partner. Let them explore different sides of your personality, let them understand you in their own way, in their own time. By monopolizing the conversation according to how you have framed it, the connection will feel forced.

Limit the amount of texting

Texting is good for communicating needs, but having deep conversations on texts is not as good as a face-to-face conversation, because texts have a large room for misinterpretation of the tone or the meaning. Limit texting and try to have better conversations when in person.

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