Chapter 4 – Courtship Projections

August 25, 2023


There are always 3 levels of courtship relationship:

1. Projection:  At this phase, you show your best version and you do it selflessly for your prospect and your sole objective is to make your partner happy. You don’t seek anything in return.

2. Evaluation: Ideally, at the 2nd phase, you start evaluating that is the partner doing enough for you too? This phase comes up when you feel that either of the partner isn't doing enough or right and you redirect your efforts to rationalise.

3. Expression: At this 3rd phase, you start expressing that you don’t like a specific thing and you mention the anecdotes as where it could have been better or where that person just walked over and skipped to care about the emotional & convenient need.

The 3rd phase is definitely critical and might turn into debates, heated discussions and disappointments. You might feel that he or she isn't the right person to go ahead for the rest of the life. Hence, relax. this is the ideal pattern of all the relationships. How you can avoid this!

To make your relationship work and grow beautifully, always keep these points in mind:

1. Love selflessly: Love is to liberate and do things which makes you both happy.

2. Every individual is different in expressing: Accept the fact that each-individual is different and has a different stratum of emotions.

3. Gratitude: Always acknowledge the person doing efforts. Your convenience might be his or her inconvenience. Understand and respect the efforts goes into the relationship.

4. Patience: The most important thing is patience, never do things forcefully and have patience in a relationship. The person will someday understand your efforts and intentions.

5. Back off: In case, if the person is always at the receiving part, then it's better to talk it out or understand that the person isn't interested further and preserve your existence and emotional vulnerability. It happens that few pairs aren't meant to go ahead, and you should be thankful that you realised it sooner.

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