9 Little Things a couple should do.

March 30, 2022


Majorly relationship should work for both of them, not you should be working for the relationship. Where couple taking care becomes a duty. But time toh dena padega, khayal toh rakhna padega, gift toh dena padega! So when the task falls into the category of "Padega," you know how it becomes.

The relationship doesn't need big things, but a few little things we'll talk about. Read this till the end and Share this with your friends, spouse and colleagues. They're going to love this simple thing. My Sambandh understands the core values of relationships, and that's why we've been chosen as "The Best Matrimony Partner of Gujarat."

1. They Check In

"Knowing your partner has you on their mind is an instant mood lifter." Whether it's a quick text, an email, a call, or a face to face moment midway through the day, popping into your partner's life to say hi, that you love them, or see how they're doing will brighten their day, and in turn, brighten yours.

2. They Show Their Appreciation

"A simple thank you goes a long way," apart from showing your appreciation in other ways, Partners who say "thank you" are happier.

3. They Create Fun

The real fun isnt in the place/activity, its amongst the people. Hence, create your own fun. Happy couples create their own fun. couples who create fun with one another bond together. "The more fun you and your partner create together, the more bonded you'll be," she says.

4. They Don't Sweat The Small Stuff

No couple is perfect. Everybody has their low points, moments of dissonance, and bad days. "Couples who learn not to call every little thing into question are often happier for longer," Stay calm and let the things cool down on their own; letting it go will be beneficial to your relationship and your state of mind.

5. They Give Each Other Space

No couple can spend every second of every day together; sometimes you need your personal space. Taking a down time is normal and ok, where you both can rejuvenate and fulfill your needs on your own, without having to rely on your partner for everything," Normalize having your own interests.

6.They Don't Keep Score

Not expecting anything in return, and doing things because you want to do them, you have a much better chance of being happy." Instead of keeping Score of who did what for who last, try not keeping Score and see how your relationship soars.

7. They Listen

It's easy to hear a problem and want to solve it, but in a relationship, more than solving a problem, listening is essential. "Simply listening to your partner, really listening to them, can make you both happier," Sometimes, you get the solution on your own, even when you describe the problem to your closest one who is approachable.

8. They Talk Things Through

Ignoring a problem only makes it worse. "Getting vulnerable with your partner is important for building trust in your relationship," When you trust someone, you worry less about so much less. Talking with your partner openly and honestly, though not always easy, will foster a greater sense of happiness in your relationship.

9. They Create Rituals Together

Big or small, having a ritual with your partner can bring both of you joy. Whether it's a weekly date night, a game you play, or something you do daily together, like going for a run or taking the dog for a walk, having a ritual with your partner can create a greater sense of happiness,

One of the couples who got married through My Sambandh has a ritual of feeding each other a cake if they maintain their desired body weight every month.?

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