Rahul, Naam toh Suna Hoga

March 10, 2022


Rahul, Naam toh Suna Hoga!

How do you know a strange person on matrimony? Profile stats are just the parameters but what kind of person you're is what makes the connection. Isn't it? 

Well, exactly here comes your bio in the picture. Major of them are clueless about what to write in their bio or don't know how to describe themselves. If you also feel one of them, then Relax!! It's a common issue, and it doesn't mean that you don't know yourself or you aren't creative enough. It's not a marketing thing where you need to write something to please major of the audience. It's your personal bio; you write it to identify your soulmate out of this world.

Here we go!! Here are a few quick tips for you.

Your bio should be expressive and positive, and it may cover either of or all these multiple aspects of your life, starting from personal, professional, spiritual, physical, financial & mental. It should describe you well and use positive words and manners.

You can also try this too.

  • Ask your friends for help as they know you better. 
  • Avoid Cliché lines; remember, you don't need to follow someone; You, yourself are original. 
  • Your bio should look humble, specific, and approachable. 
  • Check your grammar before posting it up.
  • Adding your shareable professional and personal goal always helps for better manifestation.
  • The bio should be up to 50-70 words.

And the last and the most important thing, don't treat your bio as a task. You don't write to impress, but you write to find that familiar person who likes you the way you're. 

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