My Sambandh - Your Coach!

April 24, 2021


He: Hi!

She: Hi!

He: How are you?

She: What's your educational qualification?

He: Excuse me?

Oh Oh! It didn't end well, Or Maybe, it didn't start right. Didn't it? This often happens when you take the first step for such an essential and lifetime relationship (i.e., marriage). They could have been potentially a good pair, but doing everything by self sometimes may go south. Definitely, You need a coach here. That's the reason we recommend prospects to choose the matrimony community, which isn't based on human catalog and self-exploration. Instead, choose, Where the relationship manager and teamwork line up the prospects and go further in a structured agenda.

You don't need several options of prospects; you just need to be presented well.

My Sambandh Matrimony was founded in 1995 by Shrimati Geeta Patel, and her sole purpose was to evaluate the partners and align both the prospects' thoughts and visions. She has been an expert and experienced in synchronizing love, empathy, and respect for each other in couples, making them a long-lasting happy couple forever. No Doubt, she has done match-making of the daughters & sons of the same couple, which she did match-make years ago. What could be a better testimony than this?

The same experience, core values, and thought process have been laid out in My Sambandh. We ensure that the right partners are recommended and presented well by our relationship managers. Our Grooming Expert gives you a productive & insightful session on "Pehli Mulaqat", which is the first time in India, any matrimony has ever done. A team of experts works on the profiles for the right match-make so that you can leave all your worries on us. 

Let your Friend "My Sambandh" work for you as it has been successfully doing since 1995.

You aren't just anyone, but you're special to someone!

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