Matchmaking beyond Parameters & Checklists since 1995

October 10, 2020


The most memorable things are always unplanned. Nowadays, Couples are talking about relationship goals and checklists of the items to be done. Well, we're talking about memories & emotions. That has to have the right mood, ambiance, and love. You can't plan them; it can just happen under the sky at any moment with the right person. Those small delights and surprises are what we're talking about.

Since 1995, MySambandh has been matchmaking for some lovely prospects. When our team gets into the matchmaking process, it's more important to know the person's nature than general parameters and attributes. The checklist is OK, but the more you know each other, the more you explore. 

The parameters create the platform to match. Like no matrimonial websites, ask you whether you're talkative or reserved, whether you're protective or a risk-taker. Hence, our relationship experts talk with each prospect to know them better on qualitative attributes. If one is expressive, the other one should be receptive. Our goal isn't just till the membership plan, neither its marriage, but it's more of a happiness exploration within them for the rest of their lives. Togetherness is everything; we believe in uniting people for a good deed and progress in both families' lives through a flourishing couple.

If you're single and awesome and looking to find such a match that compliments your life, then sign up with MySambandh.

Don't miss the boat. Hurry up! We would stay here forever, but your prospect won't.

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