Hmmm... Can't decide between both?

February 12, 2022


Well, this is the talk you always prefer to discuss with your closest Friend or an expert. Surprisingly, we have that special Friend for you. That's My Sambandh.?

Often, our members talk about these topics with their relationship manager at My Sambandh. When they juggle their thoughts between 2 prospects, often, they're clueless and can't decide one out of two in the periphery. For Eg: A girl likes either of 2 guys and can visualize her life with either of them primarily, but with whom she should marry, that's tricky-tricky situation. And We've been glad to help them narrow down their right partner.

If you or your Friend is stuck up in this situation, we'd like you to share this blog with her/him. This shall help you out to read your mind loudly and clear, the rest; You're smart enough,

  • What do they want out of a relationship?

  • Is that what you want?

  • How do they feel about you?

  • Do you clash morally?

  • What attracts you to each guy/girl?

  • And what doesn't?

  • How do you feel when you're with them?

  • Do your friends like them?

  • Do they accept your flaws?

  • Who makes the most effort?

These are 10 reflective questions you should ask yourself in the given situation.

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