Happiness is Togetherness!

June 16, 2022


Schools have begun, and vacations & travelling coming to an end. Once again, we shall be back on routine; sometimes, the routines may be scaringly boring. So many of us feel trapped about thinking it over, and oh those sweet vacay modes!

This email isn’t making it any better, nor do we have some hack to make it disappear. It’s just we wanted to share insight and a new perspective, which we came to know through a couple who got married through My Sambandh before 7 years. We could listen to the couple's charming and cheerful voice over the call, and they were snatching the phone from each other to say who snores louder. ?

But they demonstrated that they aren’t dependent on vacations, cafés or outings to be happy. They lived the moment, and they found the surprise, fun and care for each other. Although, they go for outings and watch their favourite series too on Netflix individually. Out of the conversation, we found that they have a perfect balance between their “We Time” & “Me Time”

Surprisingly, They both go for GROCERY DATE in a month. Ya, the thing which many of us are scared of and procrastinate. They celebrate that thing. They make a list of things to buy, do the grocery shopping in the most lovable manner, go out for dinner, have chit-chat on the way and come back and allocate the stuff into the kitchen. For them, buying stuff together is a productive and leisure thing. This couple may not be the ideal but definitely, it shows the number of possibilities we can have amongst us.

Share your story with us, our community would love to listen your part of story towards happy married life and let us know if your friend, colleague, sibling or neighbour is single. My Sambandh would love to find the prospect for that special person.

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