Chup Chup Baithe ho zaroor koi baat hai!

February 11, 2021


Pehli Mulaqat hai ji, Pehli Mulaqat hai!

The first meetings are always bone tickling. A chill runs down your spine. We at My Sambandh have been arranging almost 500-600 meetings amongst the couples every month.

Do You know what the objective of the first meeting is?  

Compatability Check? No

Marriage Terms? Definitely No

Friendly Approach? Maybe Yes

Well, atleast we all agree that you can't decide to get married in the first meeting itself. Moreover, meeting for marriage itself becomes a responsible behaviour and a goody goody approach. You can know the person the best through all the emotional stages when they are upset, angry or annoyed. Isn't it? None is qualifying for the acid testing, whether this relationship will work for lifelong or not. But the first meeting has to be soothing and should leave a good and approachable impression.

Let our dating expert help you create the best impression in front of your prospect. From basic etiquettes, magical words to the first series of questions and a lot more. Once you do a premium sign-up, you're given a "Pehli Mulaqat" session complimentary. My Sambandh is the matrimony of the new age that understands matchmaking very well and brings the right couple together.

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