Tu Patang, Main Dor!

January 13, 2021


This little line seems to be the tale of life. Isn't it? We're so much attached to the festival of Kites - i.e., Makarsankranti. Don't ask who is Patang and who is Dor in married life? ?

It's not essential about the roles, but it's all about enjoying the celebration. Well, Kite and String teach the same philosophy in a happy married life. It's not the string binding the kite; instead, it's a string that lets the kite fly. At "My Sambandh," we often see the prospect bride/groom sharing the parameters that I don't want anyone who shall control my life, need my own space, etc. Our psychology-based matchmaking and relationship experts team just does not match the prospects but also let them visualize their life-long objectives with each other. 

We counsel them about the difference between interfering and intersecting. How about both are giving to each other instead of demanding from each other. How about exploring a life-long partner and a friend instead of the role-play of a husband/wife.

Life is a beautiful celebration, and nothing goes alone. The joy of living is in the joy of giving. You let yourself to someone you love and enjoy the moment. Like the cosmic rule, the thing you want more in life depends on how much you give it. Just the way, you shall get love in an equal amount of the love you share.

My Sambandh team wishes all the beautiful couples around a happy togetherness this Uttarayan. And we want them to wave in the open sky just like Patang and Dor and enjoy this beautiful life together.

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