Now, It's Official!

January 20, 2022


My Sambandh has been awarded as Gujarat's Best Matrimony!! Silicon India found our matchmaking process quite interesting, and they're going to publish an interesting article soon into their main edition. The marriages are around the city, and people have learnt to live with this pandemic situation. That's what it is life is all about.

You never stop being happy. Like any Hollywood movie, the actors don't stop cracking jokes even during the critical mission. At My Sambandh, we understand the value of your lifelong relationship, and we know that none guarantees you happiness, neither your life partner nor your kids nor parents. Except one. That's yourself. So always be You, and that's what impresses people around you.

My Sambandh is a brand that stays original and consistent with its process, and that's what our members like it. We believe marriage as a happiness multiplier, and the association of two families make your every day a celebration.

My Sambandh team says a big Thank YOU to all our members on this precious moment and You have been kind enough to us, and we are glad to serve you!

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