वह शादी के बाद की पहली दिवाली।

November 14, 2020


Well, the subject line itself is so complete in its own way, that we don't need to explain the excitement. My Sambandh team sees the relationship from a broader and longer perspective. We just do not match the couple, but we match their visions too. 

Diwali is the biggest festival in India, and when you celebrate it the first time with your life partner, it itself becomes a lifetime memory. Be it shopping, decorating home, going to the temple, making Diwali Delicacies, Bursting Fire Crackers, Clicking beautiful Selfies, and posting some colorful and glittering Instagram stories. Well, that's all about making the festival grandeur. It's the time where you know the family of each other well. You get to meet some cool cousins and going for some quick trips. 

Definitely, it's going to be better than your previous Diwali. Happiness multiplies when you're with the right partner.

My Sambandh wishes you a pleased and enjoyable Diwali from the entire team. Do enjoy it fully. Let's spread love and not Covid. :-)

Happy Diwali

My Sambandh Team

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