A Married life is all about a pair of Plug & Socket.

January 25, 2022


How can we forget the introspective scene from "Dear Zindagi," where SRK is a therapist of Alia Bhatt, and how beautifully he explains the comparison of choosing a partner and buying a chair. So naturally, we don't just see the chair and buy it; we see the design, comfort, ergonomics, color, pattern and utmost acceptance. Few chairs embrace us the way we're, and it gives us the best comfort.

Sometimes, beauty vs. utility becomes a question of life. So people often focus more on beauty, but more than beauty, you should see utility in the longer run for a happy married life and for peace of mind. The same way is the relationship. A good-looking pair isn't important, but a Good living pair is important. A stronger relationship doesn't need maintenance; it just seeks nourishment. My Sambandh has been an elite matrimony since 1995, where we find the right match for you. 

We want to share one more example of a plug & socket with you. A loose or a misfitting plug & socket needs adjustment. Suppose the plug and socket aren't in a fitting position. You need to adjust it or support it or keep something to support the plug and socket, so it's in the right condition, where the power supply stays constant. Once the support is removed, the power supply stops or it leads to short circuit. Isn't it? And that's why the right fit is important in a relationship.

The married life illuminates well when the right fit is amongst the partner. So sign up for premium membership with My Sambandh at as low as Rs.14900/Annum and get access to verified profiles, and you get multiple benefits as below. Call now for more details 94277 90877

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