What are your hobbies?

June 04, 2022


This is an outdated question, yet a timeless one. Asking about hobbies is still an ice-breaker, and you get to know the person very well. Major of them cover-up by saying travelling, listening to music etc. Some of My Sambandh members have been sharing some interesting hobbies.

For example, creating reels, playing with children, giving underprivileged people educational classes, or growing plants.

Well, let's understand that hobbies are your reflection and sharing what you like to do is what a person portrays your personality type. It's not about how your meeting goes with sharing or without sharing your hobbies. It's about knowing yourself first. You can do one thing in the first place. Start by writing the list of things you like to do.

You will come to know about yourself. Knowing yourself builds your confidence, and you develop your hobbies, and you focus on them. Add your hobbies to your daily life. Just sharing hobbies doesn't make you a happening personality; living them makes you one.

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