Say Cheese!!

June 04, 2022


Do you still feel awkward posing for photographs for your bio? We will make it easier for you. First of all, clicking good pictures is all about loving yourself. Please don't treat it as a task. Clicking yourself some good pictures is about expressing yourself. As we say, Pictures speak 1000s of words.

On the contrary, if anyone refers the match to you, the first and foremost thing is to ask for that person's photos. Isn't it? You don't connect with the person unless you see their atleast 3-4 pictures. Yet, we don't like to be clicked good photos; it sometimes becomes an activity just like buying some groceries for home.

So if you like seeing some good pictures, someone else would also like seeing your good pictures. Here we will share some tips for you.

  • 96% of people prefer a big wide smile in a profile than a sexy pout.

  • Always Choose Recent Photos – Maximum Photos should be 8 and minimum 3.

  • Add photos that reflect your personality

  • Keep it classy, timeless, and responsible

  • At least 3 photos should be front-facing and without goggles or sunglasses.

  • Try for outdoor photos in various clothing – Western, Traditional & Casuals.

  • Pose in front of cleaner or flat color backgrounds (with less objects in background) so that you as a subject get highlighted

  • Your one of the photos should have at least an eye contact

  • Avoid uploading selfies, group photos or photos clicked at night

We'd love to see your beautiful photos on My Sambandh's website and app. Its because of you who make us look beautiful and happy. 

Stay tuned with us and forward this email to your friends and colleagues too. Sharing is caring! 

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