Love Vs. Dharma

October 12, 2022


If you say the opposite of Love is Hate, then let's disagree with it for a moment. Instead, let's say Selfishness is the opposite of Love.

Majorly we've seen that Selfishness is what kills a good marriage. When you give Selfishness a seat on the dining table, it needs to be fed first. Being mean is about demanding and not seeing beyond yourself, and Being in Love is about giving. You do things for them through your whole heart because you love to do things for them. It gives you a different level of satisfaction.

There is an instance in Ramayana during Ram and Sita's Vanvas (Exile). When Bharat asked Raja Janak to insist Lord Rama return and take the throne of Ayodhya, Lord Rama was bound on the vachan (promise) with his Late Father, Dashrath, for the vanvaas.

Janak Raja thought overnight on this, and the next day, he called up the sabha and said, "this is the judgment between Love and Dharma. Where Bharat loves his brother selflessly, Rama is bound with Dharma. But Love is always prioritized over Dharma. However, Love has a rule that you don't ask anything from the person you love. Instead, you give them what they like. Hence Bharat couldn't ask him further.

Overwhelmed with the Love of Bharat, Rama accepted the throne back but asked him to be the custodian until he fulfilled the late Dasrath Raja's vows of 14 years of Exile.

There are multiple instances of giving and love in Indian Mythology, and that's how the entire universe contributes.

When we're talking about Lord Rama & Sita's Return and Diwali is around us and it's time where we clean up our mean intentions and be the giver ahead and brighten our lives around us.

We must also review our healthy relationship, as are we givers or all-time receivers.

  • Are you sharing our resources with your spouse or having them alone?

  • Are you helping them enough mentally and physically?

  • Would your spouse say that you use people and love things, or love people and use things?

  • Do you appreciate him/her enough to tell them that you care for them?

My Sambandh believes and always wishes to make this world a beautiful place with rightful marriages, and our purpose is infinite. We seek and nourish the prospects who're givers.

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