Let's agree to disagree!

April 08, 2022


Disagreements aren't the devil of any relationship. But, it has to be there. Things can't move based on just your sole wish, and thank god it doesn't, you might be wrong sometime or you being so attached to some things or project or a dream in your life that you might not be able to see things in either way. Ultimately, you might have preferred to have a 2nd opinion before getting into the mess, which you might not be able to come out and regret for the rest of your life.

So what do we do? Agree to Disagree! Yes, disagreements are the most common across the worldwide, across all types of relationships and across all the species. You don't need to agree together in every decision of the life but what you need to do is stand together.

A couple should have a healthy argument as there isn't anything wrong or right. It's all about choices, just like if you buy a car with great pickup and design, you might not get a good average and utility in that given price. You choose what is good for you.

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Yet, we'd like to share some actionable tips for you to normalise the arguments.

  1. Make sure your spouse feels heard. Sharpen those listening skills.

  2. Guard against allowing the disagreement to create bitterness or between the two of you.

  3. Accept that it's possible neither of you may be wrong—you just see the situation from different perspectives.

  4. Make an extra effort to love through the disagreement. In other words, don't punish each other for not seeing things eye to eye all the time.

  5. Different is good! Don't forget, just like The different ingredients allow your taste-buds to experience the dish entirely differently. The same is true in your marriage too.

  6. Don't call off the argument open-ended to do further damage, Derive at some decision or to extend it up to the 2nd meeting. Or if you feel that it's heating up, you may take a break and say, we will continue it later about this.

  7. Make things discuss on merit and if its someone's hobby or passion, just declare it at the first place instead of justifying it with some lame reasons. :-D

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