Let your cupid work for you!

April 26, 2022


Why is assisted-service so cool?

Your time, efforts, and mental peace are more precious in this fast life than anything else. Utilizing your time in the best manner is what a progressive life is. You can do many things doesn't mean you should do it by yourself.

More than 15000 prospects have trusted My Sambandh for its expertise and assisted service. Whenever you buy clothes, you aren't sure which would look better on you but imagine a fashion designer meets you, understands your lifestyle, and brings you the right dress for you, making you look exclusive and confident and elevating your life a step above. We're talking about such Angels in your life, your nutritionists, your gym trainers, your financial advisers, etc. If you don't compromise over that, we're talking about your marriage which is far more serious than any of the above; you can't go alone for the mission.

My Sambandh team would be glad to find your soulmate. We know you better, and we bring you the right prospect for you and make things work like you never thought. My Sambandh is Gujarat's best matrimony partner, and where other matrimony charges are above Rs.80000/Annum, we hardly charge you Rs.14,900/Annum only with better service, approach, personal attention and a better success ratio. (The membership plans will be revised to Rs.16,900/Annum w.e.f 1st May'22)

And Yes, Literally No One gives you a complimentary grooming session for your first meetings. Our Image expert gives you a holistic session for your memorable meetings on dressing, makeup, etiquettes, conversation starters, magic words, etc. Yes, we already understand the problems you might not even be able to explain us.

Don't miss out the opportunity!

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