Ladies, Stay Safe on Your Journey to Matrimony!

March 09, 2023


This month is celebrated for the women and the significance and bliss of a matrimonial union between two individuals can be understood by looking at the current state of society and how the two people understand the concept of love and marriage. One of the most important factors apart from the emotional compatibility of the couple is how marriage will affect both their lives. Apart from the romance and bliss of marriage, how drastically will their lives get affected? And most importantly, looking at the current state of our society how the union will affect the independence and life of a woman, will play a very important role in determining the success of any union.

In today’s world where there is a rise in the number of career-oriented and independent women, it has become very important that every woman realizes her potential and the importance of maintaining a healthy balance in life post-marriage. And therefore, it is very important that she takes charge and leads the search for her soulmate. It is very important that she takes care of her safety, conveniences and preferences while looking for her life partner.

We, at My Sambandh, realise the importance of privacy and safety for women during their search for their perfect partner. We believe in making sure that our female clients maintain their fearlessness during their search and rest easy without any stress or fear of breach of their privacy and private data that they share to find that special someone for a lifetime commitment.

Our structure and approach at My Sambandh, speak volumes about our commitment to women’s safety and privacy. We are the only organization in the matrimonial industry which is run and owned solely by women. Our team is comprised of all-female members who run the operations and our client’s search with a touch of exclusive sensitivity and care for their needs and privacy. Our all-women staff is aimed at maintaining the sanctity of the journey every woman and all our clients take to make sure they conclude their search with a wonderful and trusted partner with no stress and fear for their privacy.

In this month of Women’s Day, we wish to send more wishes and love to all the beautiful women who are looking for something special in life and lead their lives with love and fearlessness.

We wish to encourage all the Indian females living abroad who are looking for their soulmate to include My Sambandh in their journey with our offer of a 50% discount.

Speak to My Sambandh and begin the beautiful journey, today!

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